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2. Comprehensive Exam

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Crowns & Bridges

             Dental Crowns 

             Dental Bridges

             One Day Crowns & Bridges (Computer/Cerec Crowns & Bridges)
             One Day Implant Crowns & Bridges (Computer/Cerec Implant Crowns & Bridges)

Root Canal Treatments & Laser Root Canal Treatments

             Anterior Root Canal Treatment

             Premolar Root Canal Treatment

             Molar Root Canal Treatment

             Apicoectomy ("Root End Surgery")

White Fillings (Resin Fillings, Composite Fillings)

Inlays & Onlays


             One Day Inlays & Onlays (Computer/Cerec Inlays & Onlays)

            Emax Porcelain Veneers

            Lumineer Veneers

Dental Implants
           Single Implants
           Multiple Implants

           Implant Bridges

           Implant Overdentures

           Implant Supported Dentures

           Implant Prosthesis

Implant Crowns & Bridges

           Implant Crowns

           Implant Bridges
           One Day Implant Crowns & Bridges

Oral Surgery Treatments

          Simple Extractions

          Surgical Extractions

          Multiple Extractions

          Osteoplasty ("Reshaping of Bone")
          Extraction of Completely Impacted Wisdom Teeth
          Extraction of Partially Impacted Wisdom Teeth

          Extraction of Fully Erupted Wisdom Teeth
          Bone Graft for Dental Implant Placement
          Bone Block Graft for Dental Implant Placement
          Sinus Lift Surgery-Crestal Approach for Dental Implant Placement
          Sinus lift Surgery-Lateral Window Approach for Dental Implant Placement

          Ridge Split Surgery for Dental Implant Placement

          Full Dentures
          Partial Dentures

          Immediate Full Dentures ("Same Day Full Dentures")

          Immediate Partial Dentures ("Same Day Partial Dentures")
          “Flipper” Dentures
          Valplast Flexable Dentures
          Implant Locator Overdentures
          Implant Bar Overdentures

          Implant Supported Fixed Dentures

Teeth Whitenings
          Sapphire Teeth Whitening
          Laser Teeth Whitening
          Zoom Teeth Whitening

Dental Emergency Treatment

Teeth Cleanings
         Scaling and Root Planning (“Deep Scaling”)

Gum Treatments

         Open Gum Surgery

         Gum Antibiotic Treatment

         Laser Gum Treatment
         Scaling and Root Planning (“Deep Scaling”)

Oral Cancer Screenings

TMJ Pain Treaments
         Laser Therapy
         H/S Splint

Dental Digital X-Rays